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There are many photographic workshops by individuals, organizations and schools throughout the world. Many are very good to study techniques and methods of photography and some you will travel to exotic places. Others will have well known commercial photographers to follow.


Our workshops are uniquely different in a refreshing way to expand ones visual capacity and find your own artist within.

We also travel to beautiful locations to enjoy being in another culture and an opportunity to relax. Our groups are typically no more than a dozen and comfort and personal consideration is a priority.


Our workshops are about discovery.


Expanding our ways of seeing.


Finding the way “you see uniquely”.


Awareness of light, shadow, contrast and texture.


Any camera, as long as it’s digital will do. If you have a point and shoot camera that fits in the palm of your hand you can make photographic art. Others will bring along full professional camera systems, which is also encouraged.


The emphesiss is not on the technical side of photography. That is not to say that technical information will not be available for those who are interested. We will hold special group sessions during rest times for subjects of interest.


Our approach is to keep the technical information to essentials only and to truly use your camera as a tool to capture that knowing sense of art that lives in every one of us. We will help you discover or expand on this place from within.


For those of you who are not familiar with your camera functions or simply wish for a review we will go over how to use the necessary functions of your camera.

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